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    These results clearly demonstrate the problems facing anabolic steroid users who purchase products on the illicit market. Many users will be aware of the probability of a product being fake or counterfeit. There is often the presumption that the fake steroid will be weaker than the stated content, The user will often compensate for this by increasing the amount taken. As illustrated above this could be a very dangerous practice. It gives Copyright © 1989 by Daniel Duchaine Copyright © 2006 by QFAC, Inc. Exceptional at building up red blood cell levels, its approved use is for combating anemia, It is a borderline androgen, converts to both DHT and estrogen easily, has low receptor affinity and is the second most liver toxic oral steroid. Average oral dosages for men at 25 to 150mgs(+) per day. It can cause baldness, gynecomastia, high blood pressure and nausea. Cholesterol may be lowered with additional medication such as Nolvadex and thyroid. The baseline tests are supremely helpful. Do not get false results by having them taken while on steroids. And just as misleading: don't have tests done while off steroids and at the same time taking a break from training, Although some sports medicine doctors have generated an ideal list of tests for steroid users, the sheer number of tests done (as many as 23) along with their costs ($800+) financially deters the average steroid taking athlete from getting all the work done. But certainly these data argue against the concept that low T is in any way protective for prostate cancer. Not only does low T not seem to protect against prostate cancer, but there is some evidence that low T may also be associated with high grade cancers,14 higher stage at diagnosis, and worse clinical outcomes. The disparity between the rate of cancer detection in TRT trials (1%) and biopsydetectable cancer in hypogonadal men (14%) would seem to suggest that existing cancers do not grow with TRT, If occult prostate cancer truly grew with higher T levels, one should expect that roughly 14% of men in clinical TRT trials, or one out of seven, would demonstrate changes in PSA or DRE that would prove to be cancer. However, the cancer rate in TRT trials appears to be no different than baseline levels. Contraceptive steroids do have deleterious side effects, some very similar to anabolic steroids. The difference is that contraceptive steroids are somewhat socially acceptable, I say 'somewhat' because most of the American pharmaceutical companies making contraceptive steroids have recently curtailed ongoing research to improve their products. Many companies have shut down their research facilities entirely. All the progressive new contraceptive methods are being developed and used in Copyright © 1989 by Daniel Duchaine Copyright © 2006 by QFAC, Inc.

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